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National workplace hearing testing service

Mobile Screening is national company, trusted by government and businesses in the ASX200, that undertakes occupational noise assessments in accordance with the AS/NZS 1269.1 standard to ensure workplaces respond to the National Standard for Occupational Noise [NOHSC: 1007(2000)].

We use Class 1 equipment, with spot testing used to isolate specific areas and dosimeters to quantify cumulative noise-exposure. Written reports, including recommendations of controls, are included as part of this service, and noise maps are available.

Know your obligations

To learn about your obligations and the causes of workplace noise, download our Fact Sheet.

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Employers must monitor noise in the workplace.

The Commonwealth Government reports that between 28 and 32% of the Australian workforce is likely to work in an environment where they are exposed to loud noise. 

Employers not only have a legal obligation to ensure that their employees are not exposed to noise levels that pose a risk to their health and safety, but many regulations specify that an assessment should be carried out to confirm that the exposure standard is not exceeded.

An workplace noise assessment, also known as a noise survey or noise testing, involves measuring the level of noise in your workplace and how long employees are exposed to it by using specialised monitoring equipment.


Of the Australian workforce is likely to experience loud noise at work.

Source: Safe Work Australia

Key Service Inclusions:

  • A noise assessment report, incorporating spot testing of areas based on location and/or worker positions (dosimetry).
  • An audit of workplace signage, hearing protection and practices.
  • A written management report, including recommendations for appropriate controls, including hearing protection and in cases, engineering recommendations to reduce workplace noise.
  • Colour coded noise maps (optional).

Why Choose Mobile Screening:

  • Are a national company, operating across Australia from metropolitan to remote locations.
  • Come to you when it suits, minimising disruption to you and your staff.
  • Accommodate shift work patterns.
  • Provide a complete summary of results and analyse against previous test.
  • Supply necessary documentation for the relevant WorkCover authority.

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