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Dust monitoring and air quality assessments

Mobile Screening can help you identify and manage airborne contaminants in the workplace. These can take the form of dusts, aerosols, fumes and organic vapours. We sample with conformity to AS 2985-2009 and only uses precision grade equipment to achieve high accuracy e.g., sampling pumps that have ANZEx (Certified Equipment Scheme) Certification. Analysis is undertaken by NATA accredited facilities using internationally recognised test methods.

Our reports detail operational and environment context, methodology, findings and time-weighted averages, comparison to workplace exposure standards, and recommendations to meet these standards and relevant state legislation and regulation.

More common than you think

Airborne contaminants that can lead to increase health risks are all too common in the workplace. Some of the more common pollutants found in the workplace include: dust, combustion fumes, welding fumes, metal fumes, acid gases, asbestos and synthetic mineral fibres, paints and solvents, cooling tower aerosols, cleaning materials and refrigeration gases.

The only way to know the risks in your workplace is by getting an air quality assessment.

Airborne contaminants should not exceed the exposure limits specified by Safe Work Australia and need to be monitored on an ongoing basis.

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